Vanessa Ramos

I am a product manager living in San Francisco. I like blogging, taking pictures, and going to concerts. | Portfolio | Contact me

Skills & Competencies

  • Senior Consumer Internet Product Manager and leader with strong Human-Computer Interaction background and experience in highly technical organizations
  • Experience in managing products in technical environments, and being a liaison between business, sales, and IT divisions
  • Proficient in Photoshop, beginner in HTML & CSS, learning JavaScript and Python
  • Fluent in Spanish, conversant in Italian

Professional Experience


Co-founder & Head of Product, San Francisco, CA
August 09 – June 2012 is a developer community to find jobs and keep track of what’s going on- hot technologies, open source projects, etc.- around you.
  • Designed and tested with real users a new interface for user profiles, resulting in 4x recurrency of users
  • Invented 'Connect' and 'Invite' features, resulting in 5x invitations sent in the following month
  • Marketed with a blog and amassed nearly 800 followers on Twitter
  • Broke top 10 on HackerNews twice in a month
  • Built a community of over 12,000+ software developers, engaged relevant people in the space to create a user profile and care about its automatic updates

Associate Professor

IEBS School, Barcelona, Spain
August 10 – Present
  • Sharing my passion about product and marketing with others

Senior Product Manager (Grupo Intercom), Barcelona, Spain
September 08 – August 2010 is a Real Estate portal to find and rent apartments online. The company has 40 employees and it is currently expanding to Italy, France, and Mexico.
  • Ventadepisos: adapted the apartments website to the condos vertical and coordinated the launch, reached 1M page views the first year
  • Designed, prototyped and coordinated the company's first iPhone App
  • Led competitive analysis, delivered Enalquiler and Ventadepisos roadmaps

Product Manager (Grupo Intercom), Barcelona, Spain
June 03 – September 08
Emagister is a 10M revenue and 100 employee company that leads the classified market for all types of courses in the Spanish speaking world.
  • First Product Manager on Emagister Spain
  • Wrote specs and created wireframes for new user private menu features: InMail system, reviews and opinions, manage requests of information, alerts about new courses
  • Led a team of 15 people (engineers, marketing and content) in the unification project of five existing platforms (Spain, France, Germany, Japan and Mexico)
  • Designed and led the implementation of a new cross-selling feature, resulting in 2x daily leads generated
  • Drove release coordination, sprint planning, and issue resolution with teams (engineering, marketing, sales, biz dev, customer support)
  • Revamped product & strategy for Emagister weekly digest, cut from 5M to 1.5M emails sent per week, resulting in 3x weekly leads generated

Content Writer

Tiscali, Barcelona, Spain
September 02 – September 03
  • Wrote articles for music, sports and movies channels

Educational Background


Bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Communication

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Bellaterra, Spain
Graduated Sep 2003

Graduate Certificate in Photojournalism

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Bellaterra, Spain
Graduated Jun 2006